Money transfer tips that actually work in your favor

If you want to send money both locally and internationally, you might want to discover the way to send money for free. When you discover this P2P app, it means that you no longer have to pay for remittance fees that can be high and can save on this expected cost that it is typically a percentage of the amount that you send.


Quick transfer of funds 

The traditional method of sending money using banking institutions might take at least three banking days. At times, it takes longer for the international transfer of funds to clear, as there are weekends and holidays when the bank is closed and the money sent will not reflect in the recipient’s bank account. Using peer-to-peer app for online payment services makes the recipient funds appear in their account within minutes of sending. 

Use a mobile device

You might be used to transfer money internationally by means of a wire transfer. You might be used to going to an agent located near your area to send the money from there for the person to pick it up in one of their affiliated agents located all over the world. This kind of wire transfer typically entails you having to go to a branch of that wire transfer service. Nowadays it possible for you to send wire transfers using those agencies online, but the drawback is that the person who is getting the remittance still has to go to an affiliated agency to cash out their funds. If you use this P2P app, the person can use their mobile device transfer it to their bank account to cash out via ATM, transfer it to their card, or use it as an e-wallet.

Instant remittance 

Using the right peer-to-peer app means that money can be sent instantly from one person to person who both have the same application on their mobile device. These kinds of transactions are typically called “instant” which means it takes less than a few minutes for the funds to appear in the balance of the recipient’s account. This form of sending a payment using a P2P app is quite popular though there are some apps that have daily sending limits and costly transfer fees.

Send money for free 

There’s a way to send money for free. It is by using the right peer-to-peer app for online payment services. There is no need to pay a fee per transaction and there are no limits to the amount or the number of times that you can send money daily. This peer-to-peer app one of the advance payment solutions of this reliable money services company. 

Use the right money services app

International money transfers can be costly. That is one of the drawbacks that sending remittance using traditional methods, aside from the funds taking days to arrive. Over the years, things have changed and now there is a way to send money for free when you use the right money services app as it will work in your favor.